Look srl


Three fundamental phases:


  • Analyze the requirements
  • Realize the architectural project
  • Engineering

The design and realization of stands for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and events requires excellent time management skills as only a qualified company can guarantee.


"I have always loved challenges and routine work has never been my strength.
For this reason, I like to design stands, shops and temporary retail stores, as there is always something new, something that changes and makes you think about the work from a fresh perspective. In 1983 I founded Look srl in Bologna to give form to my ambition to design stands and see my projects realized.
Even today, I am still excited by analyzing the diverse presentation requirements and giving the best emphasis to the products and services of my customers with competitive and original promotional solutions. Since then the company has grown in size, also thanks to my team of collaborators that have shared my ambition with me and my strong work ethic. In addition to working with spaces of ever increasing size and suitability for the realization of displays of increasing difficulty, over time we have developed an efficient, flexible and competitive modus operandi. When you begin a display project, a stand, an exhibition or a shop, everything must run in a consequential way, each step must be followed and executed with the highest level of expertise and professionalism."


C.E.O Domenico Gagliardi