Look srl
Our value is not in what we have done
but in what we will do

Exhibition stand Look

"The visual, design and production experience have value not for what we have done, but for what we will be able to do."


Look srl was born in Bologna in 1983 and throughout its activity it has always been involved in: design and construction of furniture for shops, points of sale, offices and showrooms and temporary architecture. Our achievements have always been based on a careful and meticulous search for quality, on technical solutions that respect the original architectural project as well as on a service that is attentive to the needs of our customers.

Planning is never enough

We think that planning is the inner strength, the quality that is hidden under the appearances of our work as designers and fitters specialized in exhibition design and temporary design.


This is why we decided to celebrate it by putting it "IN THE LIGHT", making it the protagonist of our communication.

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